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Hi. I’m Lucille!

I’m a lifestyle blogger based in Tallahassee, Florida.

When I was 12 and my sister was 9 we had an argument about which one of us was funnier. Anyways, I lost. She is definitely the more hilarious one, so I claimed the title of Second Most Hilarious Person in the World, but you’re stuck with me, second fiddle. Mostly because she doesn’t have a blog…

I grew up in Alaska and my brother, sister and I were all homeschooled. Before you allow every preconceived notion of home school kids to invade your brain, hear me out! Because my dad worked in construction, his summers were busy but he had a lot of time off to spend with our family in the winter.

With homeschooling, my mom could just pack our books and we were off – dog mushing to some remote cabin on a frozen lake for two weeks, or flying to Paris for a month to visit our cousins – the flexibility allowed my siblings and me to travel the world in a way that wouldn’t have been possible had we been in “regular school”. 

My Introduction to Blogging

Additionally, homeschooling is where I discovered my love of writing. My mom (aka teacher) made us read an article in the paper every day and write a 5-paragraph essay in response to whatever we read. What started out as a few sentences on college rule paper in high school transformed into my blogging career today. 

This actually isn’t my first time blogging. I had a blog about crafting for a while. Then one day I woke up and decided I was fat, so I trained to be a fitness model for about  year and had a blog about that. I tried travel blogging for a while and wrote about my travels while working for Florida’s tourism bureau. But as it turns out, what I REALLY like is writing. About lots of things. Sometimes it’s food. Sometimes it’s fitness. Occasionally, it’s fashion. My husband and I were approved to be foster parents in November of 2018, and I’ve got LOT’S to say about that.

So, welcome to my everything blog…my Lifestyle Blog, where I blog about my life in the hopes that you’ll find it wildly (or at least mildly) entertaining. I post about once a week, but if you just can’t get enough of my stuff, follow me on Instagram.

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