Pre-Competition Nightmares

During prep, I would have nightmares about the foods I couldn't eat

You know you’re getting close to a big event when you start having nightmares about it. 

Last night I had a dream that it was the day of the competition. I showed up at this huge conference center (like the one in Orlando). Then I realized I forgot to get spray tanned the night before, so I was as pale as a ghost. 

My sister, Rita, was there because she decided, on a whim, to compete too. While I was running around this giant convention center trying to find the spray tan booth. She just calmly followed around behind me eating (ya, you probably guessed it) organic white cheddar cheese puffs

Every time I would get to where I thought I needed to be, an old lady knitting circle would appear. One of the ladies would tell me “no dear, you need to go the other way”. Then off I’d go again. 

So really, it was like three nightmares in one: not being prepared, being lost and someone eating my favorite snack in front of me. 

Other than the nightmares (and continuous daydreaming of every possible thing that could go wrong) it’s been a pretty great prep so far. 

I keep losing about 1/2 to an inch a week in my stomach, the diet is boring but tolerable and the weightlifting has been fun. I definitely miss cardio but I love a routine, so the fact that this plan is so rigid (almost) makes up for the lack of running I get to do. 

31 days to go! 

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