First Meeting with NPC Bikini Coach

On Saturday I finally met the woman who will be (constructively) kicking my ass for the next 12 weeks. Also known as my NPC bikini coach. 

I could say it started out like any normal Saturday but that would be a big fat lie. I was out of bed at 7 and then basically just paced around like a caged animal. Finally, the gym opened, so I could go do something other than sit around and think.

What if she takes one look at me and laughs? What if she says “you mean you want to do a competition NEXT April, right?” 

Ah, the what ifs…is it a woman thing? Is it a ME thing? Is it that I’m a woman and me and must think of every possible negative outcome and work myself into a state of semi-panic just so the actual truth, when it finally comes, can’t be as bad as the imaginary possibilities I came up with? 

Because that’s basically what happened. AKA the meeting went great. And my NPC Bikini coach is great. I’ve got 79 days to go, which I’m sure won’t all be great. But then again, maybe they will be since I’ve thought of all the ways it could go wrong…

Now, a few things I have learned from my coach so far: 

  1. My diet has basically been on point (yay!) 
  2. But I need to eat more overall and more frequently
  3. My workouts have basically been on point
  4. But I need to lift heavier and take glutamine so my muscles recover faster. Don’t worry dad, I’ve researched it. But you can send me articles about possible negative side effects, because it’s good to be informed.
  5. Posing isn’t as scary as I thought it would be 

So the show I’ll be doing is Jax Physique, which is on April 8 in Jacksonville, Florida. It isn’t a pro qualifier, but the date works well with my work and wedding planning schedule. And by wedding planning, I mean my bachelorette in Austin where a whole lot of titos vodka and Mexican food will be consumed in abundance. Keepin’ it real, folks! 

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