NPC Bikini Competition Suit

After I met with my coach last Saturday I was so pumped. I mean, if she believes I can go from suuuuuper average to stage ready by April 8, why should I have any reason not to believe her? She’s the expert after all, not me.

She gave me a list of things to buy:

  • Competition Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Bikini

Cost of an NPC Competition Suit

So the NPC bikini. There’s a couple of reasons why those models look so good in them. First, and most obviously, the girls wearing them are fit AF. But also, they’re like $300 bucks MINIMUM. You can drop a grand easy. The more you spend, the more bling you get. I compare it to triathlons – you can get an entry level from or spend more than the cost of a pre-owned Subaru. I opted for the bikes direct version.

I contact the NPC bikini maker (Seamstress? Bedazzler?) and she asks for my height, weight, hip size, chest size. Normal stuff for a custom, blinged-out bikini. And then she says “ok so you’re 5’2″ so your competition weight will be what, like 105? 110?”

Hold the f***ing phone. 105?! I’m 122! And I’m not starving and eating celery sticks over here but I do NOT have another 17 pounds to lose! I literally just lost 17 pounds.

How Much Do NPC Competitors Weigh?

I immediately start googling BMI charts and NPC competitors’ weight like my life depends on it. Turns out, 105 at 5’2″ is definitely unrealistic and unhealthy for me (Have you seen my chest? Right there is at least 10 pounds).

But then again, maybe everything that everyone (who, by the way, has NEVER competed) is telling me is true – that this is a totally unhealthy sport where you basically starve yourself, develop an eating disorder and die.

Maybe not.

Time to call the coach…

So ya, I overreacted. Which comes as no surprise to ANYONE who knows me at all, I’m sure.

According to my coach (and my mother) I HAVE to stop obsessing over the scale. Instead, I get to obsess over inches – where they are currently, where they should be, where they should not be.

And this week, I’m happy to report I’ve lost one inch from my waist. So I guess eating chicken and broccoli every 3 hours is working. Bring on that bikini.

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