NPC Bikini Progress Update

It’s been almost 12 weeks. Originally, my goal weight was 125 but after reaching that at week 8, I had to reassess and decided 120 was a healthy and realistic new goal because according to the website, 101 to 136 is a normal weight range and 18.5-24.9 is a healthy BMI for a female who is 5’2”.

Today, I’m weighing in at 121, with a BMI of 22.1. Guess it’s finally time for a progress picture:

week 11 progress

I’m sure you’re all enthralled by now and want to know exactly what I’m eating so you can go and do the same. Well, WISH GRANTED:

WednesdayMealProteinCarbs Fats
SnackProtein shake2042


2 hard boiled eggs12110
Rice cake w/ cottage cheese1134
1/4 c strawberries020
Lunch1 Mrs Dash marinated chicken tenderloin9.592
½ c brown rice0220
1/2 c steamed green beans110
SnackNonfat Greek yoghurt1570
¼ c blueberries0.56.50
DinnerBeef soft tacos40.53720
Protein shake2042

This is what I’ll be eating on Wednesday. And Monday, and Tuesday and Friday. And Saturday and Sunday. Well, some version of this, anyways. “Feast” your eyes…

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