The Importance of Teamwork During NPC Bikini Prep

It's important to build a support team while you're prepping for an NPC Bikini Prep.
My biggest cheerleader during NPC Bikini Prep

47 days.

Less than 7 weeks to go.

Right now I would NOT be comfortable stepping on stage in a bikini. Well, maybe this really cute target bikini that I bought the other week. But not my competition suit, for my first NPC Bikini Bodybuilding Competition.

I was practicing posing 3-4 times a week for the first 6 weeks because it’s the part I’m most nervous about. I have literally no background or reference point for this. Wasn’t a pageant kid. Never took dance. Clapping on beat is often a challenge. (I seriously don’t get it – like, why am I always clapping when everyone else is pausing?)


My suit arrived the other week and I didn’t try it on for an entire day because I felt like I was going to hate the way I looked in it. So finally I did try it on, and it actually looked better than I had imagined but (here’s the weird part) it made me want to practice less because I don’t LOVE wearing it.

I feel like it should be the opposite. Wearing the suit should motivate me to want to practice twice as much and work twice as hard so that I do feel confident when I get out there.

But every time I replay the video of me practicing I just stare at my stomach and think “holy f$@&, how is my body going to change enough in 7 weeks for this to not be embarrassing?”

My Biggest Cheerleader During NPC Bikini Prep

Luckily for me, I have Thomas to hold me accountable. Before I leave for work I tell him “tonight I’m going to come home and give you the following 3 excuses on why I can’t practice posing tonight. Don’t listen to them and make me practice anyway.”

And then I get home and tell him I’m tired and feel bloated and my feet hurt and then he makes me practice anyway. But only after I stall for at least an hour. I have now watched 8 episodes of The Bachelor in less than a week. But I have also practiced my posing.

Yay, teamwork.

P.S. and the picture – ya, he’s my cameraman and my stylist 😉

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