What I Eat on NPC Bikini Prep

Berries and broccoli are both great snacks to eat while on NPC Bikini prep because they are low carb

Here’s what an average day of eating during prep looks like (NOTE: since I’m 4 weeks out, this is all about to change, but for now, this is what I’ve been sticking to):

Meal 1: protein shake with glutamine powder (post-workout)

Meal 2: protein pancake (click here for recipe)

Meal 3: 5 oz. protein (I like this recipe but I substitute the pineapple juice for low sodium chicken broth and use chicken breasts, not thighs), 1/2 cup carb (brown rice, oatmeal or sweet potato), 1 cup green vegetable (roasted with olive oil, steamed or raw).

Meal 4: 4 oz. protein, 1 cup green vegetable 

Meal 5: rice cake with peanut butter (if I’m hungry, if not, I skip it)

Meal 6: 4 oz. protein, 1 cup green vegetable 

Meal 7: 1 piece dark chocolate with sea salt (1-2x/week) and herbal tea

If I get hungry in between, I’ll eat a handful of mixed nuts or some berries.

Eating Out While on Prep

Sometimes I eat out because I have a life. I order grilled chicken or fish, a green salad with no cheese or dressing (or get basalmic, if I’m really feeling crazy) and steamed vegetables. 

Meal prep requires a lot of advanced planning. I was cooking a TON of stuff on Sunday and eating it all week but by the end of the week I was almost gagging trying to get it down because I was so sick of it. Now, I do half on Sunday and half on Wednesday, which is more time consuming but worth it as far as flavor goes. 

Lastly, I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I don’t know you (or maybe I do) or your body. This is what works for me. People have asked, I give the people what they want. Use the info as you see fit (no pun intended – seriously, that was a very fortunate coincidence). 

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