The Best Crayons for Kids

The Twistables Crayons by Crayola are the best crayons for children and toddlers because they have a plastic coating, which prevents them from breaking.
The crayons will help you clean your house faster (I promise!)

Being a new mom feels a lot like how Christopher Columbus felt when he discovered America. 

You make an awesome discovery and then it’s like “oh, wait, the Indians already knew about that”. 

This has pretty much been my life as a parent thus far (which, I’ll admit, has been all of 3 weeks). 

The other day, H was coloring in his monster truck coloring book with colored pencils. 

The annoying part about colored pencils is you have to sharpen them every 96 seconds. 

As a result, you must complete every activity within 96 seconds to truly maximize your “free time”. 

  • In 96 seconds, you can throw a load of laundry in the wash.
  • You cannot fold all of the clothes in the dryer. 
  • In 96 seconds, you can warm up your coffee in the microwave.
  • You can’t make a fresh pot.

Completing household in activities in 96 seconds should be an Olympic sport. 

And while I love a good challenge, I thought to myself, “imagine how much I could get done in ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY SIX seconds?” 

As it turns out, a lot. 

The secret is to get a different coloring device. Crayola makes crayons with a plastic exterior so when kids squeeze them, they don’t break.

They also don’t require sharpening every 96 seconds. 

I am not the first to discover these, but since I’ve introduced them to my family, I am the hero of my house. So like Christopher Columbus, I don’t mind taking all the credit. 

So tell me, what amazing, must-have items did you “discover” as a parent? Comment below with your favorites!

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