The Truth Stinks

Bedtime routines are hard. They're even harder when they stink.

Sometimes, the truth stinks. I know because I experienced it first hand.

Lately, H has been refining his stalling techniques. Basically, you tell him it’s time to do something he doesn’t really want to do, so he decides to come up with something else to do instead. But that something else is generally important and cannot be overlooked.

Our Normal Bedtime Routine

So, bedtime is super fun. It goes something like this:

Me: H, it’s time for bed

H: Ok (stands up) Owwww! My foot hurts!

Then, we must examine the foot to ensure it is not actually hurt before proceeding to bed.

When the Truth Really Stinks

But last night, he came up with a new one. We brushed teeth, went potty, read a book, went through our “who loves you?” list and then it was lights out.

5 minutes later, I hear the door open. I walk down the hall and he says “I have to go potty” which is a pretty great new stall tactic because I’m not gonna risk it.

Off to the potty he goes and into the toilet he pees.

We go back to his room, I tuck him in again and close the door.

5 minutes later, I hear the door open again. Now, I’m irritated.

“H, you’ve gone potty twice! It’s time for bed.”

“But I have to gooooooo.”

“I don’t think so. Back to bed, buddy.”

“No, I have to go potty again!”

“Ok, I think you aren’t telling the truth. I’m coming with you and I’m gonna watch you pee in the potty because I don’t think you have any pee left.”

We walk into the bathroom. We wait. Nothing.

I sigh.

“Ok, H, enough stalling, it’s time for bed now.”

And then BAM! He was not lying. The smell instantly engulfed the room.

I covered my nose with my shirt. He looked up and me, laughing and said “I told you! I had to go!”

The truth. Yep. Sometimes it stinks.

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