3 Makeup Products I’m Loving Right Now

Lifestyle blogger and makeup queen, Lucille, shows off her wedding guest makeup look

In my family, I am the makeup queen. For all my southern girlfriends, I’ll pause for a second so you can clean up the coffee you just spewed all over your keyboard reading that sentence.

It’s crazy, I know. Because I am actually NOT a makeup queen. I leave my house without foundation regularly. The other day, I realized I was using a contour brush as a blush brush. Or maybe it was vice versa…

But when your sister is a commercial fisherwoman, one cousin is a boho photographer/world traveler who packs her TP out of the woods and the other is an Ivy League grad (sorry to stereotype) then I am the expert.

So, a few weeks before Christmas (when the family all gets together) I brush up on my “expert” makeup skills by watching a couple Jaclyn Hill videos and taking a trip to Ulta. This way, everyone looks #flawless at midnight mass. Plus, I secure my spot as grandma’s favorite grandkid (you hear that, Clayton?).

Without further ado, here are my 3 favorite makeup products I am loving right now:

  1. Victoria’s Secret plump me up lip gloss. So this is a never-say-never scenario. I NEVER buy the little trinkets by the checkout register. But I was in Victoria’s Secret the other week and the line was long and slow. And my lips were really chapped…so I bought it. What I love about this lip plumper is that it’s clear, doesn’t have sparkles in it, yet it has a SUPER high shine. I have had trouble in the past finding a completely clear gloss because most seem to either have some color in it or sparkles. Not this one. It was $12 and I wear it at least 3 times a week so totally worth it.
  2. Colour pop eyebrow pencil. This was a recommendation from Rachel, who works at Ulta. I went in to get a lipstick but her eyebrows were so perfect! I had to ask what products she used. Normally the employees always recommend the expensive stuff – Anastasia, tarte etc. But not Rachel. She took me straight to the colour pop section for this $5 gem. As Kim K. would say “I’m obsessed”.
  3. Hempz age defying body moisturizer: ok I know technically this isn’t a beauty product but it makes the list anyways. Last year I turned 30 and noticed I have wrinkles by my eyes now, even when I’m not laughing. This year, I turned 31 and now I’ve got them on the corners of my mouth. So, why NOT give the age defying lotion a try? Prior to finding this at TJMaxx, I was using Aveeno. It really is great for dry skin, but Hempz lotion feels equally as moisturizing and I like the smell.

I figure most of you showed up here for a foster kid update. However,  we aren’t expecting a placement until January. And even I can only come up with so much to say on that topic. So instead you got this makeup post. It is a lifestyle blog, after all. But don’t despair! There’s a silver lining. Now you know what to buy for the 30-something woman on your Christmas shopping list. You’re welcome.

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