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I Am Ready For My First NPC Bikini Competition

Plan. Practice. Dominate.
Plan. Practice. Dominate.

I am ready.

Last week, I wasn’t. I was kind of a mess, actually. Stressed, nervous, comparing myself to everyone on Instagram. Worried my abs wouldn’t show up and that I’d be the “fat girl” on stage. 

And I might be. But I can’t control that. 

What I can control is me. And what I know is, I have put in the work. 365 days of work. 

I was told by 3 different doctors that I would “never be thin” but I am now. 

Over the years, I have had dozens of people say to me in surprise, “oh, you’re an athlete?”. Well now I look it – I don’t have to say it. 

I didn’t miss a single workout during prep. Not one. 

I stuck to my diet. In spite of birthdays and office parties and holidays and hormones (yes, I’m over sharing – some weeks are a LOT harder than others to say “no” to chocolate). 

I have built a willpower stronger than anything I’ve thought was ever possible. 

Do I want to win? Hell ya, I’m competitive AF. And maybe I’ll deserve it, maybe I won’t. There will be a lot of girls on Saturday who busted their asses, just like me. 

But either way, I’m not going to stress this week. Because I’ve put in the work. I’ve done everything in my control to be the best I can be. To be as prepared as I can be. And I am ready. 

I even created a run of show. Because that’s how I roll. 

Nerd at heart…but nerds. get. shit. done. 



(GET IT?! #micdrop)

1 Week Out from NPC Bikini Contest


I’m torn between “holy shit, I wish I had three more months” and “holy shit, I cannot wait to eat something besides chicken, fish and spinach“.

I can definitely feel the effects of eating low carb during this NPC Bikini prep. Long term, this is not a sustainable diet for me. My energy levels are rock bottom. 

The plus side is that I give zero f***s about 90% of the things going on around me, which is probably the first time in my life. 

You want to cut me off during my morning commute? Don’t care. 

You want to show up 10 minutes late to a meeting you called with no prepared agenda? Whatever.

Basically all of my energy is spent standing upright, so I have nothing left for any bullshit. I feel like I’m living in someone else’s body. Not only because my body doesn’t LOOK like my body, but also because normally I am SUPER passionate about basically every little thing there is to be passionate about. This includes (but is not limited to) a proper way to put spoons in the dishwasher. However, with this mood altering low carb diet, it’s like I get to try out being someone else. 

I bet my blood pressure levels are great right now. 

.Except when I remember I’ll be on stage in 7 days. Then a lightening bolt of fear strikes through my body. The hairs on my arm stand up and I think “probably should have gotten laser hair removal there too”. 

But since I don’t have the energy to care, I don’t. 

Cutting Carbs For NPC Prep

So it finally happened. I stopped losing weight and inches. Which translates to “bye carbs” because I am still waiting on abs to appear in time for my first NPC Bikini Competition.

I could tell you it’s totally fine and I’m totally fine and it’s awesome and I’m handling it like a champ. But that would be a LIE.

It sucks. I didn’t even realize how beneficial the very small, very pure, amount of carbs I was eating was…until they were gone.

It’s not so much that I feel hungry. I just feel empty. And weak. And like I need to eat at least my body weight in cheezits. Or goldfish. Or white cheddar cheese puffs. Or Doritos (are you sensing a trend here, people?).

Forget 24 days to go.

96 more meals to go.

48 portions of fish to go.

72 servings of spinach to go.

144 more eggs to go…but only the whites.

And then I’m indulging in a cheese-flavored-chip-and-cracker buffet. I want a bowl of each. And not like a cereal sized bowl. A popcorn sized bowl. OF EACH.

I can’t wait (except I can and I will because I am not going to blow all this effort with only 24 days to go).

✌🏻❤️ 🧀