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How Much Sleep Do You REALLY Need?

For top performance, sleep is required because it's needed for healthy brain function.
I need more sleep

I need sleep. I’m exhausted. I keep seeing all these posts about people getting sick and having to take a week off. It’s making me paranoid. But I still can’t seem to get everything I want to get done in just 16 hours (or 17 or 18).

On Thursday, I went to see Beauty & the Beast, which was amazing, by the way. Despite this, I fell asleep for at least 5 minutes at some point and kind of did that old-man-in-church-head-bob thing. Then, I dug these Listerine strips out of my purse. I kept eating them because they’re MINTY FRESH and they “shocked” me awake.

Now, it’s Monday. A new week, a new (more rested) me. My goal this week, more than anything else, is to get enough shut eye. I only have 40 (yes, FORTY) days to pull everything together. So, I cannot afford to spend a week of that recovering from a cold.

I wish this post was more hilarious but priorities, people. I’m off to sleep for at least 9 hours.

Will try to post mid-week with a “what I’m eating” meal plan since I’ve received a lot of questions about that.

Peace out ✌🏻and sweet dreams 😴

First Meeting with NPC Bikini Coach

On Saturday I finally met the woman who will be (constructively) kicking my ass for the next 12 weeks. Also known as my NPC bikini coach. 

I could say it started out like any normal Saturday but that would be a big fat lie. I was out of bed at 7 and then basically just paced around like a caged animal. Finally, the gym opened, so I could go do something other than sit around and think.

What if she takes one look at me and laughs? What if she says “you mean you want to do a competition NEXT April, right?” 

Ah, the what ifs…is it a woman thing? Is it a ME thing? Is it that I’m a woman and me and must think of every possible negative outcome and work myself into a state of semi-panic just so the actual truth, when it finally comes, can’t be as bad as the imaginary possibilities I came up with? 

Because that’s basically what happened. AKA the meeting went great. And my NPC Bikini coach is great. I’ve got 79 days to go, which I’m sure won’t all be great. But then again, maybe they will be since I’ve thought of all the ways it could go wrong…

Now, a few things I have learned from my coach so far: 

  1. My diet has basically been on point (yay!) 
  2. But I need to eat more overall and more frequently
  3. My workouts have basically been on point
  4. But I need to lift heavier and take glutamine so my muscles recover faster. Don’t worry dad, I’ve researched it. But you can send me articles about possible negative side effects, because it’s good to be informed.
  5. Posing isn’t as scary as I thought it would be 

So the show I’ll be doing is Jax Physique, which is on April 8 in Jacksonville, Florida. It isn’t a pro qualifier, but the date works well with my work and wedding planning schedule. And by wedding planning, I mean my bachelorette in Austin where a whole lot of titos vodka and Mexican food will be consumed in abundance. Keepin’ it real, folks! 

Full Day of Eating: NPC Bikini Prep Meal Plan

This week sucks. I’m tired. I’m hungry. But I’m following my meal plan and cutting calories because I REALLY wanna lose 3 pounds. Not a Mean Girls reference. More like a “I bought a Halloween costume that’s awesome AF but I can’t wear it unless my stomach looks like Maria Menounos from E news (because that’s what I’m watching)”. Which, BY THE WAY, they’re featuring super fit women over 40. LIKE SERIOUSLY?! I am already suuuuper irritated and then I have to see how great Halle Barry looks at 50. HINT BETTER THAN ME AT 29! 

And to be honest, even if I do lose 3 pounds my stomach is NOT going to look like Maria’s by Halloween…but it’s not a competition, right? It’s about being a better you, and competing against the person in the mirror and blah blah blah; all true but I don’t wanna hear it right now. 

So I’ll just be over here watching Rob & Chyna (spoiler alert: it is ghetto and lameeeee), sitting on my heating pad because my glutes are on FIRE and feeling sorry for myself. 

Daily Meal Plan

Oh and in case you want to be as miserable as me, you can start by following my meal plan for this week, instead of eating goldfish and poptarts (to be honest though, I would highly recommend the poptarts):


  • Natural Whey chocolate protein shake (with 1 c. Water and 1 c. Almond milk)
  • 2 hard boiled eggs (but only eat 1 yolk)


  • Chobani nonfat plain Greek yoghurt
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla whey powder
  • 1/3 c. strawberries


  • 2 grilled chicken tenderloins
  • 1/2 c. Brown rice (made with salt free  chicken broth)
  • 1 c. steamed green beans
  • 1/3 c. black beans


  • Protein shake with water


  • Grilled boneless skinless chicken breast
  • Peas
  • Carmel flavored rice cake 
  • Herbal peppermint tea

Repeat Monday – Sunday for infinity and beyond.