Weekend Getaway to Mount Dora, Part 1

Packed and ready for our trip to Mount Dora

I pretty much spent my entire life plotting ways to get out of the middle of nowhere (aka Alaska) only to marry a man and move to the middle of nowhere (aka Tallahassee, Florida).

You don’t believe me? My mom doesn’t. Tallahassee has a Walgreens therefore it must be a real city. Low bar, mom…

But it’s true. I used to work in tourism. I LOST COUNT of how many times journalists would come up to me at conferences and say “I thought Miami was the capital!” People haven’t heard of it, haven’t been to it and only about 180,000 even want to live in it.

The problem isn’t so much with Tallahassee (people LOVE the trees…until hurricane season), rather, it’s the inability to quickly or cheaply get in or out of Tallahassee. Flights are hella expensive and the nearest city is a 4 hour drive.

If I get a bunch of comments saying “Destin is only 2.5 hours away” I will just assume you haven’t ever been anywhere in your life because Destin isn’t a city. It’s a beach town. Is there a Nordstrom? Didn’t think so. Thank you, next.

At this point you’re probably wondering, is this a rant from a lunatic about some tiny little capital “city” or a post about Mount Dora? I’ll get on with it…

My point is, I get VERY excited when we take trips away from Tallahassee that don’t require a $500+ airline ticket or a 5 hour car ride. It’s as rare as a unicorn so the excitement level is completely appropriate.

As a wedding present, my amazing aunt and uncle booked us a weekend getaway in Mount Dora, Florida. And they also got the same gift for my cousin and his wife who got married in 2018 as well. So THIS WEEKEND we are heading down for a couples vacation. Which, by the way, may be the last couples vacation we go on since we will likely have kids in tow in 21 days (but who’s counting?).

According to google maps, Mount Dora is 199 miles or 3 hours and 41 minutes from Tallahassee by car. No flight required. Under 5 hours. I AM VERY EXCITED!!!

We have a whole itinerary of activities planned that I’ll share in my next post, but since I’ve been to Mount Dora before, I can say with certainty to all my Tallahassee friends that if you are looking for a relatively close and affordable getaway, you should put this gem on your list.

Until next time!

– Lucille

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